Cogtest adapted its computerized tests from the industry gold standard neurocognitive tests with long and respectable records in research. By converting the pencil and paper tests to a computerized platform, Cogtest solved both the problem of assessing and the problem of tracking lifetime central nervous system function by providing an objective, repeatable assessment of brain function.

Special Features and Services

  • Unrivaled library of computerized cognitive tests
  • Customized batteries of computerized tests on a secure Cogtest platform
  • Secure electronic data capture and data management
  • Real time web-reporting
  • 24/7 helpdesk for site support

Why Cogtest

Cogtestā€™s advantages over other computerized batteries and “paper-and-pencil” tests:

Current cognitive assessment tools have a number of shortcomings. Many are insensitive to the degree of clinical severity of the illness. Only with the Cogtest Dynamic Titration strategy is it possible to use the same test in patients with a mild to severe disease. Dynamic Titration Strategies mean tests automatically adjust difficulty level, branch to relevant items, and avoid unnecessary items that are either too easy or too difficult. Thus, the total testing time needed for the valid assessment of each function is minimized.

In addition, Screening Pre-tests will terminate testing rationally in cases where results might be invalid. This reduces the cost of subjects who might otherwise be maintained in a trial, undergoing costly procedures without yielding useful data.

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