Data Management

Cogtest is dedicated to the fast and efficient delivery of data. The Cogtest system offers integrated electronic data capture of cognitive data to reflect emerging trends in drug development.

  • The Cogtest System eliminates the need to score tests manually, removes the burden of paper-based CRF completion, and provides continuous online monitoring.
  • Data is securely transmitted to the Cogtest servers via an encryption system (similar to that used by credit card companies).
  • Access to the console and the associated test battery is password protected, restricted only to authorized clinical trial personnel. The console is designed in collaboration with the sponsor capturing the variables of interest and integrating it with other data streams and databases (e.g. Oracle, SAS) used in the clinical trial.
  • All data, including trial and participant information, is securely transmitted to Cogtest with the click of a button.

Web reporting

Our unique web-based reporting system allows access to data in near real time. The data is available to viewing by authorized clinical trial personnel immediately after it is uploaded from the Cogtest server into a customized database. This enables remote data monitoring and interim analyses at any point in the trial.

Data process

We provide the sponsor with customized data verification processes. Detailed audit trails document data integrity at each stage of processing to ensure compliance with 21CFR part 11. We provide 100% data verification and automatic cleaning. Interim data reports are provided and data queries are raised throughout the trial. Data files can be verified more easily and compared with the central database. Data is "cleaned", formatted for final analysis, and presented to the sponsor in their preferred format.

Our electronic data capture process allows data lock as early as 48 hours after the last participant visit.