Cogtest Library

Cogtest provides sponsors with an unrivaled library of the highest quality computerized cognitive tests in addition to computerized versions of gold standard batteries.

All the tests in the Cogtest library have been and continue to be developed by academic neuropsychologists and clinical trial specialists. This ensures that the most recent developments in cognitive neuroscience, including neurophysiological functioning and neuro-imaging evidence are incorporated into the Cogtest library of tests and procedures.

The tests tap microcognitive abilities for increased sensitivity specific to drug effects, predictive of functional outcomes.

There are over 80 publications of individual tests and batteries in the Cogtest library.

Tests of verbal ability, social cognition, and emotion recognition are unique to the library.


The main cognitive domains assessed by Cogtest include:

  • Speed of Processing
  • Selective and Sustained Attention
  • ”Premorbid“ and Global Cognitive Ability
  • Working Memory
  • Declarative Memory
  • Executive Function (reasoning and problem solving)
  • Set Shifting
  • Conflict Functions
  • Language and Spatial Skills
  • Motor Speed and Laterality
  • Social Cognition


  • Workstation Orientation
  • Auditory Number Sequencing
  • Simple Reaction Time
  • Choice Reaction Time
  • Competing Programs
  • Continuous Performance – AX Version
  • Continuous Performance – Flanker Version
  • Continuous Performance – Identical Pairs Version
  • Spatial Working Memory
  • Word List Memory
  • Object Working Memory
  • Face Memory
  • Go-No-Go
  • Set Shifting
  • Strategic Target Detection
  • Tapping Speed
  • N-Back
  • Compensatory Tracking Task
  • Sustained Attention
  • Stroop
  • Token Motor Task

The following full batteries have been computerized by Cogtest in collaboration with their authors:

  • Computerized BACS (Brief Assessment of Cognition in Schizophrenia)
  • Computerized CGI-CogS (Clinical Global Impression of Cognition in Schizophrenia)

The Cogtest Equivalent of the MATRICS Battery

The MATRICS initiative sought to provide a uniform battery of cognitive tests for use in clinical trials with schizophrenia patients. In response, Cogtest offers currently available and well-standardized (including normative comparison data) subtests that are equivalent or identical to those proposed by the MATRICS committee. The additional advantages of the Cogtest version is that all the tests have been used in clinical trial programs, they are available in 60 languages, and the battery incorporates all the advantages of computerized testing. The estimated time for completion of the MATRICS battery is 90 minutes while the estimated time for completion of the Cogtest MATRICS version is 60 minutes.

Comparison Table

Test Domain Cogtest Equivalent/Identical Tests
CPT IP Attention Vigilance CPT IP*
WMSIII Spatial Span Working Memory – Non Verbal Spatial Working Memory
Letter Number Span Working Memory - Verbal Auditory Number Sequencing
Hopkins Verbal Learning Test Verbal Learning and Memory Word List Memory
Brief Visuospatial Memory test Visual Learning and Memory Face Memory Test
Category Fluency Speed of Processing Category Fluency*
Trail Making A Speed of Processing Finger Tapping Test
BACS Digit symbol coding Speed of Processing BACS Digit Symbol coding*
Neuropsychological Assessment Battery (NAB) – Mazes Reasoning and Problem Solving (Exec func) Cogtest Mazes OR Cogtest Strategic Target Detection Test **

* Represents identical test
** Test selection determined by sponsor with input from Cogtest scientists

We continue to computerize key tests in collaboration with the authors and as a response to clinical trial needs. The following scales are included in the Cogtest Library: Visual Analogue Scale for Fatigue, Bond and Lade, Leeds Sleep Evaluation Questionnaire