Cogtest console

The Cogtest system means complete automation of the assessment, scoring, and data management process from a streamlined computer. With the largest selection of tests on the market, batteries can be constructed for Phase I studies in healthy volunteers or Phase II to IV studies involving a broad range of indications.

Cogtestā€™s integrated console is a state of the art cognitive assessment precision instrument. It is a key feature of the Cogtest system, delivering increased security and reliability while meeting the changing needs of clinical trials. The console is built to address current regulatory requirements and is compliant with 21CFR11. The Cogtest console is the experiment launcher and data collection and transmission application, capturing subject, and trial information (similar to an electronic CRF).

The console is customized according to the requirements of each individual trial. A specific battery of tests is assembled, depending on the domains selected. The most appropriate console (desktop or tablet laptop) is selected for the study and customized accordingly.

Data is securely transmitted to Cogtest or the sponsor's servers via an encrypted connection. Access to the console and the associated test battery is password protected, with access restricted only to authorized clinical trial personnel. The console is designed in collaboration with the sponsor in order to capture the variables of interest and to facilitate integration with other data streams generated in the clinical trial.

Test features increase efficiency and reduce the cost of assessment. For example, the Cogtest console incorporates dynamic titration, allowing the use of the same tests in Phase I through Phase III. Tests of attention, working memory, and declarative memory include complexity manipulations to modify difficulty across the full spectrum of possible performance. This prevents ceiling and floor effects.

This unique facility also minimizes the total testing time for valid assessments logically terminating the test if assessment results might be invalid. This means participants who might otherwise undergo costly procedures without yielding useful data will be eliminated from the study early.

Main Advantages

Interface and Ergonomics

The touch-screen or tablet interface with an LCD screen system increases the stability for all major functions and subject responses, including reaction time. In addition, the participant interacts with the touch-screen, increasing co-operation and involvement while reducing study attrition.

Improved test presentation quality

All stimuli are presented for precisely the declared amount of time.

Increased reliability

  • Instructions are completely standardized.
  • Stimulus delivery is completely controlled.
  • Every response is recorded with millisecond accuracy.

Improved monitoring and data

  • The system facilitates continuous monitoring and data cleaning.
  • The near real-time web reporting system facilitates continuous monitoring for the CRA.
  • Examiner input screens are streamlined for flow, from the input of participant information through the running of tasks to the backup and transmission of data.
  • Complete datasets are uploaded automatically to a central monitoring site, assuring 100% verification and automatic cleaning.

Decreased training time and staffing costs

The Cogtest Console does not have to be administered by a psychologist. Test administration is simple and continuous. Testers can follow the script in the test administration manuals, ensuring standardized test administration across all test sites. In addition, the system includes a number of checks and balances which prevent the tester from making inaccurate entries into the system.