What is Cogtest Online?

Cogtest Online is a comprehensive tool developed by an international team of clinical specialists and academic neuropsychologists to raise the standards of care by assessing reaction time, information processing speed, attention, memory, psychomotor speed, cognitive flexibility, executive function and emotional processes. It includes a battery of cognitive tests to help in the identification and management of cognitive dysfunction in disorders such as ADHD, Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Addiction.

Cognition, often referred to as "the mental process of knowing", includes aspects such as awareness, perception, reasoning and judgement. Cognition refers to the processes of the brain that allow us to experience the environment, remember, think and act. Cognitive function can be disrupted by a wide range of factors, such as trauma, fatigue, stress, viruses and toxins, aging, and various diseases and disorders.

The Cognition Group has already made huge strides in cognitive testing for clinical settings. In order to meet the growing need for a comprehensive cognitive assessment tool at the primary care level, Cogtest Online provides an innovative, computerized cognitive assessment tool that is both easy to use and scientifically rigorous. Cogtest Online can help clinicians evaluate and manage memory problems and disorders of cognitive function.

We provide all services related to Cogtest Online, including consultation on the design of the battery, training of the investigator and the site personnel, office/site set setups, 24/7 help desk support, electronic data capture, data management and analysis.

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